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Case study – Wiley Raymond

Posted on January 2022 By CG Recruitment

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Meet Wiley

At CG Recruitment, we know that People Power Australia’s Future. It’s the labourers, the pickers and packers and the drivers who keep our country moving and growing. Without these essential people, we as a nation grind to a halt.

Our client, Wiley Raymond (21), is one of these critical contributors to our economy. He’s been with us for three years – ever since he graduated high school. Wiley has big plans for the future, and his partnership with CG Recruitment allows him to meet both his short-term and long-term objectives.

Achieving Wiley’s goals

A friend recommended CG Recruitment to Wiley in 2018, when he was looking for a consistent, full-time role. While Wiley didn’t have much work experience, we noticed that he had a fantastic attitude and a definite willingness to learn. After applying for his preferred roles on our website, Wiley’s CG Recruitment partner, Andrew, got in touch within two short days to organise an interview.

According to Wiley, “CG was easy to talk to and very helpful in getting me on board. It was a half-hour interview, and then I started almost straight away.”

Although Wiley soon started his university degree in business and economics, he has continued with CG Recruitment on a casual basis. As his employment partner, we’ve been happy to work around Wiley’s schedule and pair him with the right companies to grow his skills. Throughout our entire relationship, Wiley has clearly expressed a preference for both flexibility and variety in his jobs, which we’ve always done our best to fulfil.

“I try to dedicate 3 days per week to uni work, and CG is incredibly flexible week-to-week depending on my needs”, he notes.

Our ongoing partnership with Wiley

At CG Recruitment, we aren’t “middlemen”. You get to know the people who you work with every week. Since he began with us three years ago, Wiley has become like one of our own team members. Because he likes to take on different types of jobs, we’re in contact with Wiley each week. Our team discuss with him what kinds of roles he’s interested in and those that he isn’t. He lets us know his availability and we keep him up to date with new opportunities.

“I’ve done everything from mould removal, through to manufacturing, picking and packing, doing deliveries, and unloading containers. I love learning and getting experience in all sorts of different places”, he says.

Although Wiley will complete his economics degree in two years, we’ll still be by his side as he looks for internship opportunities – giving him security while he takes those important next steps in his career. In fact, we found some opportunities for him along the way in the business and finance space, to help build his confidence in the industry. Wiley’s positive experience with our employers is a testament to our commitment to partnering with those who respect our recruits and provide a great work environment.

Wiley notes, “The businesses that CG Recruitment has placed me within are all very inclusive. I’ve even made friends with several of the other CG recruits I work with.”

Are you ready to take on your next challenge and contribute to building a better Australia? Explore casual work, like Wiley, or get in touch with CG Recruitment for full-time opportunities.