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About Us

As a family-owned business, we seek to partner with clients with the aim to support their staffing needs in both short and long term projects. We pride ourselves on our personalised quality service and staff who are specifically recruited to meet our clients’ needs.


The CG Team

The team at CG Recruitment holds over 30 years’ experience and has dealt with many industry leaders in the food and general manufacturing, transport and distribution, engineering, corporate, retail, sales and marketing, events and exhibitions, construction, mining and industrial industries.

Our Candidates

Each and every candidate is an essential part of the team at CG Recruitment. We believe the success of our business relies fundamentally in our people! We will provide the best recruitment service possible and aim to achieve a happy and successful working environment through our tailored matching techniques ensuring the right with our candidates and employer.

Our Service

We treat our clients like we are a part of their business - that's our commitment here at CG Recruitment.

We focus on how your business operates, the processes, procedures and cultures of each site so we can deliver the best quality service and candidate possible.

Our Systems

Here at CG Recruitment we believe in investing time and funding into reliable systems which ensure we provide a professional to clients and candidates. We are constantly asking for feedback from them to ensure we're doing all we can to improve the CG Recruitment experience.

The CG Experience

Here at CG Recruitment, we offer a professional and personalised quality service with the values that come from being a family owned and run Australia based business.

Since inception, we have grown substantially and currently provide national companies with skilled staff in numerous fields. Due to our extensive wealth of experience, we have the capability to assist with a variety of roles in blue and white collar industries. Our exemplary customer service and superior staffing solutions make us the preferred supplier for many businesses.

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