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Workplace Health and Safety Update

Posted on June 2017 By CG Recruitment

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​CG Recruitment would like to remind staff of our legal duty-of-care to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. The use of alcohol and/or drugs becomes an occupational health and safety issue if a person’s ability to exercise judgment, coordination, motor control and alertness is affected, leading to an increased risk of injury and illness. We need to provide a safe workplace culture aimed at preventing and managing alcohol/drug-related harm which benefits both the workplace and individual employees.

If you think you may be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you should not be working and random drug & alcohol tests may be carried out on staff at any time. Please help us to keep our employees and sites safe!

Please contact our office on 1300 723 133 at least 2 hours prior to your shift if you are not able to work. This number is available 24/7 and ensures we can organise a replacement for your shift.

Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS): The Alcohol and Drug Information Centres are state and territory-based services that offer information, advice, referral, intake, assessment and support 24 hours a day.  ADIS offers services for individuals, their family and friends, general practitioners, other health professionals and business and community groups. ADIS counsellors understand the difficulties of finding appropriate drug and alcohol treatment and use their knowledge and experience to assist callers.

NSW: 02 9361 8000 (Sydney) or 1800 422 599 (NSW regional and rural) Queensland ADIS : 07 3837 5989 or 1800 177 833 Victoria Directline : 1800 888 236