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Bushfire Advice

Posted on November 2019 By CG Recruitment


​Smoke from bushfires is impacting regions across Queensland. If you can see smoke or dust in the air, you should limit your time spent outdoors until conditions clear.

Fine smoke particles can cause health problems including: itchy or burning eyes, throat irritation, a runny nose and illnesses like bronchitis. They can also aggravate existing lung conditions, like chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Symptoms can occur for several days after smoke is inhaled.

Residents should:

Move inside and stay inside as much as possible
Close windows and doors
Use fans or air conditioning on recirculating mode to keep cool
Move outdoor events to an indoor venue or reschedule
Keep medications close by if suffering a respiratory condition
Be vigilant in taking prescribed medications for existing lung conditions
Children, the elderly and anyone with a chronic illness or respiratory issue are at particular risk. Take care of these people by ensuring they stay inside and have any prescribed medications close by.

Seek medical advice or call Tripe Zero (000) if you or someone in your care is experiencing adverse reactions to smoke such as shortness of breath, prolonged coughing or wheezing.

For more information go to:…/bus…/bushfire-smoke-and-your-health